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Missing unit / failed to list opencl devices for platform 0 HELP!

Hi, everyone.

I need your help. I have built a new mining rig (is my 8 rig) with Rx 470 mining edition 4gb. As always, I put Hiveos cleanly on a USB stick and connected it to my mining mainboard. The rig also starts normally without any problems and I installed the latest version of Hiveos directly and selected my basic flight sheet directly. So the problem only all 8 GPUs are shown as “missing unit”? I can set Oc settings and they are also taken over by the GPUs, but the rig did not start mining. The error “failed to list opencl devices for platform 0” appears in Teamredminer.

What I’ve tried so far.

  • Various miners (lolminer,TeamBlackminer etc…)

  • Different bios of graphics cards (about 20 pieces)

  • Different Hiveos versions

  • Risers as well as the rest of the cables work without any problems

  • Different USB sticks

  • Different OC settings

Please help, I’m a bit frustrated.

Do the cards show in the dashboard? Have you confirmed they work?

Hi keaton_hiveon

Yes the Card shows in the dashboard.

Looks like there’s either a card issue or driver is crashed as it’s not showing the temp and fan speed. Up or remove your core voltage until the card shows properly. Does the display output on the card work as is?

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Its a mining edition this has no outputs :confused:

Do you know it works?

I msure to 100% its working because i can see it on windows and its working. :grimacing:

if you reboot does it show fan speed and temp?

No, unfortunately not. I always see the same thing.

The simplest solution :slight_smile: jus set values to 0 and it will start mining agein

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