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Missing cards

So…I put 2x750w PSU back into a rig, powering 6x RX570 4Gb(that used to work fine, same setup). It is recognising 4 out of 6 GPUs. the two last GPUs are missing in action. lights are on but fans are not moving. Also, big difference in hashrate of the cards for some reason. Another thing i noticed is that all the cards light up/off as i turn on/off the rig, where as before, two cards from the supporting PSU used to have the lights on if the rig was powered off. You guys know a trick to wake up the two last GPUs? And do you know why two of the GPUs are not giving 31+ like the two bottom cards? Help much appreciated. Yours truly, Newbie. Gigabyte Ga H110 D3a/G4400/2x750w/HiveOs on USB

The main trick - read manual carefully …
First at all enabled 4G Above BIOS Decoding …

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