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Missed up hashrat on 3090 and 3080

Hello guys , am new to this forum and to the mining world , so please bare with me

I have 6 rtx 3090s ( 5 pny and 1 FE )on my rig and 5 3080s ( asus , zotac , evga and FE )

For the oc setting for the 3090s i put all the same setting 950 2000 300

The pnys give 106 hash rate and the FE drops all the way to 90s

Also in the 3080 i oc for all same setting and the FE dops bellow 82 while the remaining are stable 98.2

Can anybody explain to me why are the pnys only doing 106 hashrate and the founders edition are messed up ?

Thanks in advance

I also run a 3090 FE. I have not yet replaced the thermal pads so right now I’m running underclocked.

The reason I do this is because I’m trying to keep memory junction temps below 95°C.

HiveOS does not measure this sensor as NVIDIA doesnt have Linux drivers to support it yet.
So to test, you have to open a miner on windows with something like HWinfo and figure out your OC settings.

My hashrate is extremely low, I know. But it is stable and not throttling itself due to 105° memory junction temps.
(If I keep the card stock with no OC, it is 111mh/s but with 105° temps)

tldr; the memory on these cards are hotter than the sun, mitigate that. :+1:t2:

Hello Zox,

Each card is different, even between the same brand and model. So, don’t expect same result for the same setting. You need to find out the best setting for each one of them.

I’m running 5 PNY 3090 for 5 months now. They were always 120+ mh/s. Even during summer time (30°+ ambient temp and high humidity) and before I cool mod them (heatsink on backplate).

These are my settings for your reference:

About vram temperature, I was able to get from 110° to 92° (tested in Windows) with the heatsink solution. Now during winter time I believe they are running better.

Good luck!

Hi there! How do you power supply those? I got 2 GeForce RTX 3090 withe PL at 310 but they only get 280/290 more or less. They told me it’s because the PCIE cable only holds for 285watts (ish).
Do you know anything about that?
Thank you!!

Hi German,

You should power them with 2 cables (one of them could power the riser aswell). I melted a connector while trying to run with 1 cable only at the beginning.


Lorenz29 - which miner are you using?
this 3060 is it on riser or on the mobo direct?
i am asking because i got similar config but i cant get that many MH on that 3060, and mine is on the mobo direct and i am using lolminer because of this card…


Hey Icho,

3060 is mining Conflux. I tried ETH with lolminer hashing around 37mh/s but the rig rebooted once a day at least. So, I prefer a few hashes less and stability (considering most of my hashrate came from the 3090s).

Also, I can mine ETH at 50 mh/s with the fan trick, but of course, rig crash and reboot after some hours. I have a few ideas to try but I will need some time. I believe soon we will have a solution for th 3060s.


i dont like the fan trick either, and i also support stability over max hashrate OC settings
i asked about the 3060, because i got a 3080 in the same rig and lolminer is rebooing often, so i wanted to switch to Trex and make my machine more stable…

Yeah, i believe that soon they will fix that 3060

Hello, where can i see about this heatsink mode??


Hello Rscupra,

I don’t know in which country are you, but look in your e-commerce “Aluminum bar heatsink for led”. They are commonly used for led lights. I bought a 500mm x 130mm one and the I split it in 5 pieces with a saw.


Good luck!

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