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MIS GeForce 3060 Ti Error


I am new in mining and I have a Mis Geforce 3060 Ti, I have donload the Hive OS but for some reason it doesn’t shown me the Graphic name and it showed only as Device 2489 · MSI. The first device is for the motherboard. I don’t know why is that as in the rig it given me 0 GPU. Any help are welcome. thanks.

try updating the drivers to the latest version and also update Hive if you arent on the latest version.

I had the same issue. I went in and updated the nvidia driver and it fixed the issue.

I’ve got the same problem (same GPU by the look of it). I’ve updated the drivers but that didn’t work, any thought anyone?


Hey Akram030, did you get your 3060 Ti to work and if so can you tell me which NVidia drivers you used? I’m using Nvidia drivers - 460.67.

get the new ones.
write in console nvidia-driver-update and see what happens

Thanks Rkulov, I tried that command earlier so as I understand it I am using the latest. I’m wondering if an earlier drivers version might be what I need?

Any advice always gratefully received :slightly_smiling_face:

Its new card and ypu need new driver . There should be driver 465 or 470

I have tried nvidia-driver-update 465 and nvidia-driver-update 470 but neither did anything. The system also tells me that the file is already present, but my farm is reporting that I am running N460.67, so maybe the later drivers are not overwriting the file that is already present?

This 3600 Ti is proving to be a bit of a pain, anyone any further ideas?

Thanks in advance :smile:

actually the system is pain in the ass some times. i guess you have to purge the nvidia drivers and then install the 465 or 470. it still keeps the 460 and loads them. how to do that you need to check it for linux console

Thanks Rossen, good info. I’m not a linux guy, but I’ve printed out the hive os command list and no command jumps out which will purge the system of the Nvidia drivers. Does any linux guru out there know of the correct syntax to delete all current nVidia drivers without wiping my system clean LOL?

Thanks in advance peeps.

Dude you are good at printing but not in googling. White in google how to uninstall and purge nvidia drivers linux.

But I made it in the end, now on 465. Thanks all.