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Minor issue with restarts

I’m noticing that my miner keeps restarting,no specific time scales it’s just random and not a big issue to be fair but wondered if anybody else had this issue.Using nbminer and it started,I think when I did vbios flash on 1660s card.So basically the rig is not rebooting its just the miner.Also while I’m on this want to ask if anybody else has issues with eth + ton mining in lolminer as I just can’t seem to get rig to run lolminer stable at all.

Cheers in advance

Post a screenshot of your cards/clocks/hive version/driver version etc etc and I can let you know if anything looks out of place or outdated.

Lolminer issue is to do with memory when trying to dual mine eth + ton so guess I could drop memory on oc for gpus…I’d just need to look into recommended oc for em
When just on eth all my oc are good,latest hiveos,and nvidia drivers 470.86.
Never had issues before so bit strange.
Only thing that is changed is the hiveos version and the 1 x 1660 super that is flashed…Its nbminer just to add

Can you show a screenshot of your worker overview screen so I can see all cards/clocks/config/versions etc etc?

Tried changing power limits and core as I’ve read elsewhere for eth + ton…no go.Constant memory issue on gpu 3 and then crashes

You’re running 3000 on the memory on a 1660 super, of course you’ll have memory issues.that’s like gddr6x levels of OC. Reduce until stable, I’ve never seen a 1660 super take near that without crashing.

Switch your 3060ti to a locked core clock as well. Use the core clock to regulate power draw instead of the power limit, then it only uses as much power as needed.

Yeah that 1660 super is the flashed one and steady at that…what you recommend trying for that 1660 super??.

Could be that causing the miner restarts I suppose,but that doesn’t bother me as its not rebooting…just drops for a few seconds and then carries on as normal lol

I’m getting mixed information, is gpu 3 giving you constant memory errors and crashing? Or is it steady and stable?

Any time you get errors, especially ones that say anything to do with memory, reduce the memory and reboot. Repeat until stable. The idea is running the max stable mem clock on each card. You shouldn’t have any restarts or reboots at all.

Sorry gpu 3 - solid on eth only without issues

Eth + ton crashes and throws memory errors for I know it’s that that crashes it

Remove power limit first, if it continues crashing after reduce mem clock and reboot, repeat until stable

OK,looks like I’ve got it to stay on.
Fair bit down on eth mhs on the 1660 supers.Ill give it a few minutes and see if it ups and look for some over clocks for dual

Cheers Keaton

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