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miniZ don't show stats in hiveos web interface

Little problem with miniZ on equihash 144/5, stats don’t show up on the web interface, in console I show miner working but webinterface show nothing, already restart hiveOS few times but nothing change. Someone have an idea ?

Can you post a screenshot of your worker overview screen?
Are you on the latest stable image and miner update?

Yes sure here a screenshot

miner is 1.9z3 the last one.

Gminer is running because with miniZ don’t know why if I let 4 AMD gpu the 6800 powercolor stay at 6 sol and refuse to go up

If you run miniz on its own does everything show up properly?
Can you post a screenshot of your flight sheet?

Just tested miniz on its own on the latest stable image and it showed properly for me. If it has an issue when it’s on its own you could try flashing the latest stable image via hive-replace -s -y

here the flysheet

Yeah maybe gonna try to do an hivereplace to be sure, maybe it gonna fix the 2 problem I’ve got (1 card stay at 6sol with miniz and the stats who don’t show up). I keep in touch when it’s done

The whole flight sheet, I want to make sure you don’t have the miners configured to use the same cards. (Before clicking edit)

I took special attention to this, GPU 1 is the powercolor who stay at 6 sol in miniZ, so I launch it on gminer, but i’m gonna do an hive replace now, and check after is all working fine or stay like now

So stats show fine now, but same problem with the powercolor who stay at 6sol with or without OC

Check with amd-info to make sure the oc is being applied. Have you tried changing the cards to see if the issue follows a cable/riser?

I have check with amd info, OC are applied, for moving card, I’m gonna test to be sure

You are using the same card in both miners.
miniz should be using 0 2 3
gminer should be using 1
Look again, you have card 1 both in miniz and gminer.

No, the problem is if I let this card:
Radeon RX 6800 16368 MB · PowerColor
Samsung GDDR6 · 111
in miniz, hashrate of this card will be very low. Gona test with the new version of miniz

just make a new test with miniz 1.95, nothing change, powercolor card shut to 6sol

Post the results of amd-info. Anything look strange there?

Nothing strange, got a flysheet with only miniz 1.95, if I let card without OC (or with OC) the powercolor one stay at 6 sol, If I exclude this card from miniz and add a secondary miner (gminer) this card (powercolor) run at 65 sol. Here pics of the amd-info. I already done a fresh install of hiveos but no change :frowning:

And in this screenshot it is mining at 6 sol?

Nop this one is 6700 xt XFX + 6800 Founder on miniz, 6800 powercolor under gminer

Can you show amd-info when its running on miniz?

Sure, here the screeshot, the gpu is the GPU 1 who run at 60W (normal it’s running at 6 sol), with or without OC it’s the same

Have you tried it on its own with miniz? (No other cards in the system)