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MiniZ and HiveOs issues after upgrade to latest version

So i just update kernel to the latest one, but after that i have serious issues with MiniZ miner.

In just a few minutes, it shows a few accepted shares, but an incredible amount of rejected. Like 7 A-3579 R on one miner and almost same on the others.

Does anyone else experience this.?

Ofc i just did a “hive-replace -y --stable” and then everything seems to work as intended, but the issue is annoying AF.

Is this an Hive issue or an MiniZ issue.? And can i fix it myself in some way.?

Happy hashing…

Is the issue reproducible? We’re you on the latest kernel before the hive-replace?

I tried the new miniz, because of the new zil mining (which it isn’t working :frowning:). Might be that the card I’m mining is underclocked, since it isn’t very good (a gigabyte 3060ti), but getting A 2473 R 5 on aion.

You can go back to using an older version without having to reinstall the os. Select the version you want in the setup mining config dialog

I’m using

-cd 3 
--gpuclock 1560
--memclock 5001 
--gpuoffset 265 
[email protected]:5555

It might be.
I found out it was the MiniZ v.2.0c2 that caused the issue.
When “downgrading” to MiniZ v.2.0c, there are no issues

there is a new version; miniZ v2.0c3 is out! - Fix for invalid shares issue on v2.0c2!

hopefully hive will roll it out soon

as for not mining zil, seems they have issues with pools. Finally got it to mine, but had to change pools. The only pool that seems to be workng is crazypool

They posted

      • CrazyPool seems to work well, follow the examples below.
        With ShardPool, it seems that sometimes the workers take some time to appear on pool side. We’ll be checking this.

Seems that flexpool also doesn’t work