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Miningpoolhub and Multi algo switch

Hi guys, is there a way to configure ccminer or any othe one to work with multi algo switch on multipoolhub?

This is exactly what I am looking for as well. if someone has the answer on how to fo multi-algorithm switch that would be awesome.


Don’t think there’s any way to do this and according to the devs it’s not high on the priorities for the roadmap. Love HiveOS but this is a bit of a bummer.

actually it shouldnt be a big deal. all what have to be done is a web app which checks with your settings to find out which algo and coin is the most profitable one. the bigger problem is to find out how to automatically set the miner and the wallet with the corresponding settings.

id really like to see something like this working

It can be done wit nemosminer running on other PC. I have set it up!

I think OP is referring to this method:

Essentially MPM calculates profitability, noramlizes hashrates and if you’ve got some standard mining hardware, it should be fairly accurate. MPM’s server are telling the miner what algorythm to run based on a relatively complex batch file. Practically speaking, this is completely feasible on HiveOS but the trouble is that the miner simplifies the batch file coding process with templates, making it hard to figure out what goes where. The website I linked here as instructions on how to build a profit switching miner inside CCminer and SG miner, not using fancy apps or benchmarks, something well within the capabilities of HiveOS, all we need is a proper template.