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Mining with BTC.COM pool, wont see balance on farm info

Hi guys…

I have a farm, with 2 Antminers S9 HIVEON firmware, and i have configured a coinbase wallet, and i’m working with BTC.COM pool.
My question goes to the fact that i cannot see, in real time what its the balance that i have availabe. I can add BTC.COM as a pool, but i CAN’T ADD BTC.COM as a wallet, or an Exchange, so i could see my balance.

Here i show a image of the main stats of my farm:

Can anyone help me ? I think i’m configuring something wrong, but i didn’t find out what ???

Thanks in advance

I have te same problem.
I am mining S9 HIVEON firmaware on antpool and I have configured wallet on BitBay.
S9 working from yesterday, but I dont know where I can se my balance?

Anybody know how it works with Asic miners?

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