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Mining with 1080s in 2021

I’m looking for the most efficient OC setting for 1080s in 2021. I currently have 4 Zotac mini 1080s, 1 EVGA 1080, and 1 Dell 1080. I’m using them with 0 for memory and core clock and the Ethenlargmentpill on ethminer. They all get about 30.5 MH but I’m looking to get to 37 or 38 like I’ve seen some people be able to do in other threads. Any recommendations? Please provide clear instructions, I’m new to mining and still learning.

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click the lense behind your profile.

type “gtx 1080 overclock”

and viola!

you can search for the best OC.
your post is like asking google to send you a well documented guide to your mailing address.
you have to search for answers yourself unless its a specific problem you have.

Overclocks and guides are all over this forum. Go find it.

My biggest issue is that I crash with applying even the smallest overclock. Ive looked through every thread I can and I haven’t seen any solutions.

lol i see. there’s lot of reasons a card crashes.

  1. Could be Motherboard. Try other rig.
  2. Make sure you have 8Gigs of RAM.
  3. Might be a driver issue, Try latest, if it doesn’t work try to revert back to previous drivers.
  4. Bad risers? try mining with single card without using risers.
  5. Not enough power? Try mining without overclock.
  6. GPU itself, check the temps, it might be your gpu is throttling with heat, when it reach a certain temp it usually crash or restart to avoid damaging the card. (Consider repasting or adding a new thermal paste).

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