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Mining to Nicehash with TREX - Worker Name Issue

Hey guys, I just switched over to the new TREX to get the higher LHR unlocks and no matter what I do I can’t get the miner / worker name to carry over to Nicehash. All I get is this:

This is a problem because I want to move over my other LHR rigs but I can’t since for some reason NH sees them all as worker named UNAMANGED and it only allows a connection from the first one I fire up.

Any suggestions?

it should show multiple unmanaged rigs, im not sure if you can change that part.

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thanks, its not though…just shows one entry for UNMANAGED.

Thats the only one in TREX…others are GMINER.

i meant the unmanaged part, what does your miner config for trex look like?

change your wallet template to %WAL%.%WORKER_NAME%

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THANK YOU! Problem solved!

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