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Mining to a pool or using Nicehash and getting paid in BTC

Hi All,

I guess this is an age old question whether mining to get a specific coin or mine to NiceHash and get paid in Bitcoin.

I recently built a CPU rig and mining Zephyr (RandomX) and it takes me 21 days to get a Zeph coin. Given the recent slide of the coin, I’m know thinking of mining to NiceHash for the same algo (RandomX), but getting paid in BTC.

I’m thinking maybe mining to Nicehash until the BTC halving and see what happens then. Maybe go back to Zephyr or maybe mine another CPU coin.

Anyone have any suggestions\thoughts or have come across similar decision points with other coins?

Thank you all

For an idea of what others are mining, you can look at the top coins list here: Hiveon OS Statistics

Qubic is pretty profitable on cpus, at time of writing a single 7950x is earning on average $4.50/day, vs nicehash paying just under $1. It will likely continue dropping but probably another couple weeks of decent profitability left.