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Mining stats gone to 0

i just checked my mining stats and the eth is down to 0 from 0.55 or so, what is the potential cause of this? it also says my worker is inactive when it’s active on the farms page

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Check the pool interface if you are mining on Hiveon pool.

If your miner is getting jobs, sending shares, getting accepted share acknowledgments history shows you are fine.

fwiw2: I am seeing some of the same issues myself. Noting my realtime hashrate appears accurate on the pool interface.

that’s the page i was on yes. thankfully it’s showing up now but for some reason it says 100% to payout even though it’s actually only 56%. maybe they lowered the threshold recently and that’s what caused it?

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Everything OP has said I’m seeing too.
No workers or hashrate showing.
Now it’s showing, but the payout oddly states 100%

API reporting issues folks. Let it sort out. It will be fine.

And no, payout thresholds have not been adjusted. Such a change would be posted in Announcements.

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