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Mining statistics


I was looking for some software to monitor my mined coins.
Mined amount, current price. Previously mined coin etc

So I find MyCryptoStats ( Looks nice. But not ideal

I find there in hiveos is most data I need.

I need raport (one page)

  1. amount mined coin - wallet (this is in hiveos)
  2. amount current mining coin pool - (this is in hiveos)
  3. current and historical power consumption - (this is in hiveos)
  4. hash rate - (this is in hiveos)
    5)… compare/calculate: (power consumtion/cost) vs (mining hash power/current price of coin).
    So I could see profit… Current and historical

The reason of the raport is to monitor

  1. mined coin. Current and historical. Could be from wallet/pool
  2. used electricy. current and historical. from hiveos
  3. cost of electrity. current and historical. from hiveos
  4. profit. Current. Historical too. Per rig, per farm. Current profit could be estimated from hash power/coin price/dificulty - ?

(for example I show one of my rig is now in negative profit. It could be one of the statistic/data near power consumption per rig.
Or current profit could be show… per card :slightly_smiling_face: )

Waiting for questions :slight_smile:

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