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Mining specific cards?


Ok so I was just wondering (no I’m not buying one I already made that mistake once) how do you cool mining specific cards like the rx 470. You know, the ones with just the heatsink and no fan. Are they passively cooled? can you passively cool a 150 watt card?

Those are intended to be use in a server cases with high airflow. Something like an octominer or any of the other “server gpu case” variants.

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Ah thats kind of what I was thinking. I’ve been hearing people say that used rx 5700 xt’s and 5700’s are at high risk of dyeing a few months (or even days) after purchase from being handled poorly. Do you think thats true?

I haven’t heard of that with 5700s, but pretty common for Radeon viis.

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I’m considering getting back into the market since prices are so low right now. Any suggestions?

3060ti/3070 are probably the goto cheaper good all around mining gpus. Personally I’m replacing my 30 series with 4090s

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Lol don’t blow any breakers. Alright thanks I was leaning towards 3060’s/ti’s although I might end up with something more like 5700xt’s since they are still quite a bit cheaper than 3060’s with decent performance. Just concerned about what people have been saying that they are prone to breaking if you buy them used.

Oh also just wondering, have you bios modded any rx 5700’s to xts? did it work? some people say it works, and others say it makes it overheat with little performance increase.

5700s are only really decent at memory based algos, which aren’t very profitable right now. But you should definitely bios mod them for memory based algos, and no it won’t make them overheat

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Alright thanks. I was wondering, does it make sense to even buy older gpus right now, or wait for 4060/4070’s for price drops. I’m probably not going to be able to ever afford any 40 series lol but should make the price go down on 30 series and rx 6000’s, right?

I don’t think the prices will go down much more, but at least all 40 series are decently profitable. Usually a similiar $/hashrate (on profitable algos) with much better efficiency.

ah. Well I’m pretty broke (not job age) so I cant really afford much lol. Thats why I’m considering rx 5000 series cards as well as older ones (20 series) what do you think. My budget is probably like 150 lol

If you have free power you can’t really go wrong with a 5700, but might make more sense to buy coin instead of old hardware right now if you are paying for power.

I have a really good electric rate so power isn’t a huge concern. According to 3 cent profit on RVN on a 5700xt (hashrates according to alot of youtubers) i pay for part of the power so again, not a huge concern. Guess im going to be getting a 5700xt next time a see a good priced one lol. One of these listings has them for $130 USD but it has rust?? how did they manage that lol