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Mining software and NVidia vs AMD

I have two rigs one NVidia and one AMD both mining Ethereum.

For the NVidia rig I wasn’t having any issues started off running EthMiner and a recent stable hiveOs build. I ran into issues with my AMD rig when I added an 5600xt itx under the same settings. The 5600xt wouldn’t hash trying different versions of HiveOs Beta, finally realized changing the mining software and some patience it started to Hash.
This lead me to something I wanted to explore before and now that I have these two rigs I want to ensure I have both setup efficiently. I started looking for info like this:

I don’t use 2miners pool but I found this helpful.
Trying some different miners, made miscellaneous flight sheets to test.
Its easy to test functionality but efficiency testing will involve some time.
Overnight my NVidia rig had a random reboot using Pheonixminer.
Ideally it seams the purposeful T-Rex (NVidia) and TeamRedMiner (AMD) are great picks for their respective builds. Just wondering what experiences others might have come across.

Also, I would like to add that having two separate rigs makes it a lot easier in more ways than one when setting up and changing rigs. I personally was having issues with adding cards on a mixed rig and found it better to clear all settings and start over but with a non-mixed rig it has been quicker to just shudown add and boot. Plus having two rigs, one can continue to run while working on the other.

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