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Mining slow since last os update

Hello all ;
i just want to know if somebody have same troublshooting since last os update.
Yesterday i install 0.6-203@210512 and now
I’m mining with 2093 MH/s since a cup of day and expecting earning was 0.14 ETH /day …
Now with the last update of hiveos this expecting fall to 0.08 ETH/day

Before i’m mining 1700MH/s and had 0.11 ETH per day. Now i’m over 1700MH/s and mining less .

The difference between is to add 2 More RTX 3090 and update hiveos.

If somebody can help to know what is the troubleshoot ?

Thanx a lot

Best Regards

your mining reward will be correlated to the gas prices people are currently paying on the eth network. check, as this number varies so will your real and expected earnings. these are historical gas prices to give you an idea Ethereum Average Gas Price Chart | Etherscan

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