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Mining rig working only 3 hours, then it goes offline


I’ve noticed this problem with my rig. It’s working only 3h, then it’s off and goes offline. I thought that it may be a problem with oc but I think its something different. Sometimes it does not show any error but sometimes i can see “file system is read-only, rebooting”.
What can cause this problem?
Ps. How can I see last 100 logs?

What kind of storage do you have? You may have some file system damage. You can check with fsck . Google for examples.

To look at the last 100 lines of a file:

tail -n 100 your_file.log

when u say storage ,do u mean i should exchange the ram ?
i met the same issue that the rig go offline without any errors。i dont think it got something with the oc.

i notice that with the rig working,the ram is getting reducd.
i wonder if it goes to 0,the rig go offline. to be verified.

your CPU temp seems quite high

i am certain about that getting offline got nothing with the high core/mem temp.
cauz the high temp will kill you rig first and reboot.then u will got the error log,
not like this:without any error log.

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