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Mining Rig Stuck In Boot Loop

i have a all nvidia mining rig which consist of 1x1070ti 1x1660 super 1x1660ti 1x3060ti FE 1x2080ti with 2x850watt power supplies on a gigabyte GA-H110-D3A Mother Board and 1xddr4 rgb 2x8gb ram stick.

i had the rig up and running for about 2 weeks with no issues, once i decided to upgrade my ethernet modem so i can plug more Ethernet cables, i shut the rig down to connect it to the new modem. once that was done i turn the rig back on an then it just started turning on and off every 15 seconds. it will boot up to the bios logo screen and then turn off and repeat the process. it lets me get into boot into the Bios were i change everything to mining mode. i have tried resetting the mother board by taking the battery off and draining the power, i also tried flashing a new ssd with hive OS.

if you have an idea on how to fix this issue PLEASE PLEASE Let Me Know, i can provide pictures and videos of the issue if needed

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