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Mining rig gets hangged and no response


I had 6 3070 cards and then i added 6 3090 cards also. the mother board is asrock h110 BTC. It runs on 3psu . Since i added 3090 the rig hangs and becomes offline. No command works and have to reach manually and restart. Any suggections

Have you tried adding the 3090 cards one by one to see when it becomes unstable?

Thanks for the advise. It is not being unstable immediately sometime after 3 hours or after 12 hours

Oh! Have you set up watchdog so that it will restart for you?

My rig was doing that while using t-rex miner. Watchdog would usually restart it but not always. Switched to gminer 2.64 and no more issues. Also you should be running absolute core clocks not -200 for a more stable rig

Thanks. I will do that. do you have any suggestion for the number

I am using phoneix miner.

when i am using absolute clocks Hash rate is reducing

This is what I set mine to. It normally hashrate is around 393. Choose tolerance you feel comfortable with.

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applied . hoping this would work

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I hanged agai

Hi, did you resolve this issue? I have 11 GPU rig (AMD) and it randomly hangs up with no response. On the screen, I do see “frozen miner” and the rig is not responding until you manually reboot.

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