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Mining Rig get hung dont know what to do

Hello, i just got recently the problem that my mining rig get hung and went offline.

I got some error that the GPU fall of the Bus.

In the log i see in this screen that the mining rig get hung:

The two rigs were running perfect for weeks and now i got such problems.

Here you can see the set up OC:
Rig 1:


3 cards, 3 risers and MB, fans 1700 watts platinum.
3 cards and 3 risers 1700 watts platinum
2 cards and 3 risers 1200 watts platinum

3 cards, 3 Risers and MB, fans 1700 watts platinum.
4 cards, 4 Risers 1700 watts platinum

At rig 2 i added after the error second power supply. Now its running like that with same errors:
3 cards, 3 Risers and MB, fans 1700 watts platinum.
3 cards, 3 Risers 1700 watts platinum
1 card, 1 Riser 550 Watts Gold

Do you know how to fix the problem.

Its really annoying, the mining rig gets hung like in the log and then it went offline.

I cant reboot or do any things remote. I have to reboot it local.

I tried to remove the OC settings for both rigs the OC was set up to 290 watts and 2000 Memory, core -200.
But there were happen the same error.

Im mining cortex, gminer with both. Now i switched the second rig to eth to see the error occure again.

gminer i got 6 Hs speed per card.
I tried lol miner there i got 3 Hs per card.

i cant explain it myself of the speed differences

any ideas

Maybe this log will help investigate the error:

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