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Mining ravencoin

Upon updating hiveos about one month ago, the mining of the cryphoto of ravencoins stopped. I can not restore it. Do you know where the problem is? The pool is suprnova.

the second problem is that I can not connect via VNC to the server. He asks for a password but says he is wrong.

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password 1 :smiley:

suprnova pool hive os mining problem :frowning: . I have the same problem . I don’t solve the problem .

Did you find resolution to this. I just upped the OS in Hive and now the same thing has happened to me. I can no longer mine Raven. Does the HiveOS team know about this?

As I am having the same issue after just updating my HIveOS, it looks like if I switch away from enemy miner to the RVN fork of ccminer, everything works. How do we open a trouble ticket for the enemy miner?

i’ve been mining rvn with t-rex miner for month+
it is working fine with me
my settings are


Flight sheet

Miner Config

Hope it will help you all

@HashRaptor @bilal @juslik11

if you need anymore assistance please mention me and i’d be glad to help


Thank you!