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Mining Ravencoin (RVN) Step by Step Guide - RX5700 & RTX3080

I am running 16 RX5700 XT and 10 RTX 3080 cards across 4 workers.

I am thinking about switching to mining RVN - Ravencoin. Can someone please post a step by step guide on how to do this in HiveOS? I tried on one of my rigs earlier but constantly had issues and could not get it to work.

So if any HiveOS wizz is reading this and has 15 minutes please help a fellow miner out? and I am sure I am not alone…


You need a RVN wallet - I’m not going into that discussion now.

Anyhow, crate a wallet in Hive and then create a flight sheet… something like this:

That’s all there is.

Or, you can mine at nicehash on kawpow algo and get paid in BTC.

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OK thats cool thank you for that, I will look into setting up a RVN wallet… with regards to the cards do you leave the OC’s the same as they are for ETH? Thanks again.

How do you mine Nicehash on Kawpow and get paid in BTC?

All the guides I found online show a walkthrough for options that no longer exist in HiveOS.
Would you be willing to put together a walkthrough with the current options?

I’m in the same boat as this guy unfortunately

If you haven’t already done so, create an account on Nicehash and login there. In Mining menu there is option to “Download miner or add ASIC”. There, choose to generate stratum. Select options as you whish (kawpow for RVN). It should look like this:

There you have all the details you need to configure mining kawpow in HiveOs. Create Nicehash-KawPow wallet in HiveOS using BTC address provided on Nicehash web, create a Flight Sheet with your miner of choice and that’s it.

@Crypto_coleman OC settings are allways trial&error, but from my experience you should go lower than with ETH since cards heat up really quickly mining RVN.

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Howdy! First post.

Do you have a link to how to create a Raven wallet?

I’m trying to do a split rig with Non LHR and LHR cards through NiceHash on HiveOS and I’m stuck. I did the Stratum generator and it gave me the stratum URL and username, but I’m not sure where I’m supposed to input those, as when setting up a Raven wallet, it asks for different things.


You don’t need RVN wallet if you will be mining on Nicehash. If mining on Nicehash, then in HiveOS create BTC wallet. Your BTC address for that wallet is the username that is provided for you in Nicehash.

Thank you!

This helped me very much, I was able to get the miner up and working with a bit more research and troubleshooting.

For those that may still be stuck after creating the BTC wallet which is your NiceHash BTC address given from stratum:

For pool, select “configured in miner”, then pick whatever miner, then customize miner, and add your stratum URL in there from NiceHash. Don’t forget to assign each card to the proper algorithm!

Thanks again givo!


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