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Mining question/ 3080ti


Im having a little issue with one of my rigs.
When hiveos and miner starts, all cards start to mine well, but there is always one card which decide to stay at some lower hashing. Sometimes hash of that card keep dropping and dropping slightly, while other cards keep improving by little, like calibrating…
I have other rig, with exactly same hardware mb, cpu, rams, gpu’s… only difference is psu and that rig is hashing fine
I tried many different OC settings, different miners, pools and etc, always same issue…

Any ideas?

Thermal throttling. Low the temps

Did a lot of testing, card drops performance above 60 degrees… but some can stay up to 64, so thats strange, but you were correct regarding issue :pray:t4:

I added a heat sink and a fan towards to the card in the back plate. Awesome. It lowed the temp from 102 to 78-80. Try to use it in Windows to understand to know the real memories temperature. And try to add a heat sink to the backplate. It’s cheap and effective.

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