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Mining Pool

Hey I am new I want to mine BTC and I want to know which pool to choose and which miner is the best possibly the one with the lowest fee if another pool is recommended even with higher fees I would like to know why I would choose that pool

Do you already have an asic? Your pool is going to depend and when and how you wan’t payouts. Is a good place to start. If you go on youtube and look up sonofatech he has a good video on payouts and how pools work he talks about eth but it applys to all pools.

As far as the miners go my antminers use cg miner that is the software already built in. Soon I will try other miners for it, its a good place to start. If you have an antminer that is listed to work on hiveon like like an s9j I would use hiveon its simpler and there is alot of support.

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