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Mining on nano pool seems to be faster or is it just me?

When i switch to nano pool, i seem to mine faster and get pay outs faster where as recently on hive the pending doesn’t seem to increase much and is very slow to change. anyone else seeing the same? HiveOS is supposed to be the best pool, but not really seeing it and may just switch all my rigs to nano instead.

Watch the fees (gas) with Nanopool. They are more expansive than the one of HiveOn pool. You can see it using
Just put your wallet ID and look at Txn fees

Thanks for the tip man, will take a look!

I’ve checked and they’re charging $1.15 per payout. So if it’s faster, does it offset that. Nanopool defo always seems faster to me in reaching payout time. I’m quite new to this and don’t know how to check this out in stats to see if i’m imagining it other than timing it when they both next pay out, but that’s variable too as you can get lucky and unlucky and difficulty etc, so can skew the time frame.