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Mining MiniZ RTX 3060

I get a question about indicators

At start mining over MiniZ and I get this

After about ten minutes on GPU 03 percentage is fall down and stay on this value all the time.

Reason ?



So you’ll have a better understanding and if you don’t find the issue I’d wait for the next version which is going to be released during the weekend presumably.

I’m sorry
What about that ? :


these are arguments to use for the miner, to show you more details. because as i already told you in previous posts you made, you get invalid shares. i think you should lower a bit the OC on this card. core or memory or both.

For 3060 V1 add arguments like Zdenko said and use one concept of power throtteling.
Either absolute core clock or power limiting.
I would:

  • reduce core by 50 to 1450
  • reduce memory by 50 to 2550
  • set power limit a bit higher to 130, absolute core clock will manage power consumption

If this does not help reduce memory by another 50 and try again.

First you need stability, then you can increase both parameters by 10 in order to get your maximum hashrate for this card.

Yes I know. The question was rhetorical because when I use this coman lines I get (for all this commands

Same story

It looks like one stripe is bigger than the other one.
A friend of mine used to do that, he kept the biggest stripes for him.

Yes, you’re right. I didn’t pay attention to that.
Everything is OK now :slight_smile:

Man learns while he is alive, some even longer . :slightly_smiling_face:

Now after 10 minutes the situation is like this.
Always problem on GPU 3

Try to reduce the OC settings on that one as suggested before by tom-i, mine’s been working for days at 1447 8575 no issues and less watts.

Until now it helps

This is result . Again GPU 3 in problems

What to do ?

reduce more.

show actual settings for this card.

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