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Mining grin29 & 31 on same rig possible?

Hey all,

Up to now, I have been mining grin29 exclusively. But now that the miners have been enhanced to support my 1070s and 1080s, I wanted to split the load between grin29 & 31. But up to now it does not work.

want to see if anyone knows if it is possible to mine grin29 & 31 on the same rig. It is not possible to add two of the same miners so I tried bminer + all other miners. I even swapped bminer between 29 & 31 but this didn’t help either. In every scenario, 31 was mining while 29 would give errors. If I remember, the errors were related to algo not specified. I am not sure if it makes a difference but both are connecting to sparkpool on the respective pools.

Any advise would be appreciated.