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Mining glink : how To?

Dear community

I noticed that I can’t access to using HiveOS

I “tried” to followed the tutorial

That is insanely impossible to understand. Even you’re talking about Windows 50% of topic in a Hive site. Who cares Windows here ?!?

Also tutorial talkd about BSD, Debian aso, but if right Hive is Ubuntu based, so … wtf ?

Either website nor pool can be accessed if not behind a VPN
In my case the only way that runs is VPN + Netherlands IP + Windows

Any help will be greatly appreciated ( Discord = 0 )


Try rereading it again one line at a time, youll see the instructions for windows/other distros are for setting up a VPN server running on that OS. The server OS isnt important, they all serve the same function, this is just explaining the differences of configuring/checking on each OS.

Though it us confusing for me …

I did exactky what concerne Linux and get stuch very earlyn will repass one it asap, but this page has to be “refrshed” or rewrite

Try SSl
Or different port ?

I got admin, and my Ip is banned as soon as I restart a miner or stop a session using Ctrl+C

Then all my miners behind my

I am allreayd using SSL port, and with equihub recommended setting

For sur there’s a trick, we are many seeing Discord equihub channel
Any trick when using miniZ to do some CPU check or something to patch those potential “malformed packets” ?

–cleanjobs (miniZ option)
“Only accept clean jobs.
Can cause invalid shares. Use with care”


Never got any problem with equihash

Sorry I have no clue I myself am a newb with miner configs mine only work with ssl hence why i chucked a reply with that hopefully someone with knowledge reply to help you dude

To admin. this is client side sending “garbage packets”

He add this auto ban sustem to protect overload when pool was overloaded.
It has been revoked until things may changes

Do not thank me EU users :rofl:

Went for this as a try :
–par 144,5
–pers sngemPoW