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Mining getting interrupted time to time due to " Autofan will stop mining at 85C"

I am mining eth on nanopool via hiveos RX 570 (AMD). Recently, I have upgraded to latest hive os version hive-0.5-57-20180608 .But mining is getting stopped automatically time to time whenever gpu temp exceeds 85 degree Celsius. First I don’t think its that hot here at my place as in summer time on previous hiveos version my rig was running fine. Now because of this my mining is getting interupped every 10-15 minutes and I have to manually re-start it. I tried increasing threshold temperature on claymore override config by including

  • tt 95
    -tstop 95 . But with this setting it started giving me very low and unstable hash rate.

So I had to goes back to the default settings.

I have two questions:

  1. Why hash rate reduced and got unstable once I changed the claymore config override to " -tt 95 -tstop -95" to increase the thresold temp so that my rig do not stop that frquently

  2. I found on this link [] … “Autofan will stop mining at 90°C by default to protect your GPU from burning. To reboot rig on driver error, fake temps like 511°C, fans malfunction you should enable REBOOT_ON_ERROR=1 in /hive-config/autofan.conf.”

I am not able to find this file “autofan.conf” .So does this parameter " REBOOT_ON_ERROR=1" .Does any one know how to find this file and edit this parameter?

Thanks in advance.Would be grateful for the help.

You neeed to create that file in /hive-config/ folder and just put REBOOT_ON_ERROR=1 inside…

thanks will do