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Mining for 30 day +, then drop hashrate

My miner was mining for 30 day +, then I went to check it and it drop hashrate like this.

After I saw this, I tried to reboot, change the Hiveos version to the newest, didn’t do anything.

I saw that nicehash change the pool location to auto, so I tried to change the flight sheet, didn’t do anything.

My miner is not even 1 years old and I bought everything new.

Anyone know what can be the source of the problem? Thank in advance!

Have you enabled the logs? If not:

Get into the shell and run:

reboot the rig

It’s likely the miner is telling you the issue, if you open the miner in the shell what is it showing?

Logs aren’t a bad idea as grea said, but you can probably just look at the miner console and see the issue right away.

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