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Mining farm in my home?

Hey guys I was thinking about starting a mining farm in my home. Here is why I think it would be a good idea : dirty cheap electricity 5cents per kw CAD and we heat our homes 8 months a year since its crazy cold around here. Now what I am wondering is, I am quite new to mining only have 17 rx 580 8gb, I have seen very decent profitability so far, but I have also seen DIPS in profitability on hiveon pool mining ethereum, So is this a sustainable idea? Or is eth mining headed for 0 profitability in the next years? Was thinking of building some kind of closed system in the basement with all the cards with a blower that could redirect the heat to places in my home. Now this would reduce the cost of electricty further more because I would be saving on electric heaters.

It’s cryptoworld - nobody know how it would be in the future. Ethereum going to the PoS where miners will not be needed. Switching will took some time to PoS and there will be a transition period.
At the same tiime Ethereum big but not unique coin to mine. There always you find something to mine which bring some profit for you. Even if it is less than Ethereum.