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Mining expected earnings dropped 3 times

Hi guys, my mining profitability dropped by over 3 times. I’d usually get around $32-40 per day on 340Mh/s. Today it dropped to only $10-11.
Is that only my or all across the board. Might that be because of yesterday’s succesfull 2.0 Ethereum test net?

Same problem here.
1.5gh/s dropped from 140$ a day to 45$ a day.
Maybe some pool problem

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Same here :frowning:

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It’s slightly going up ,now @$24

And same story again from 0.012 a day to 0.045 same hash rate. Miner stats show $26 but I’m getting $12.5

same issies here, massive forum but can’t find anything useful in answers or get replies so frustrating

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