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Mining ETH without pool? Mining with own Miner?


How can I mine directly ETH without a pool?
Now I cannot run mining on any miners which I tried, why? Phoenixminer, etc.
How can I make own Miner?
I dont want to depend other pools and other miners, unstable and on the pool I have to wait for cash out until 0,1 ETH and always lost the connection. Now: waiting for the cooldown… Could somebody help me? Now I cannot mining and thats frustrated.

Thank a lot!

You simply can’t do this because the time you may hash an entire block, any pool will already proceed it. So you’ll mining for nothing

And what can I do now? My mining rig just standing and waiting for mining. How can I mine in this case?

Your problem is not the pool but your rig.

Now: waiting for the cooldown… mean that you have a problem with your GPUs. Certainly an OC issue.

Thanks a lot! :pray:

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