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Mining Eth + Etc on the same rig

Hi All,

I have been mining for the past few months and loving the wealth of knowledge this forum provides! With that said as my operation has expanded, I have moved from directly plugged gpus to using a mining frame and risers. I have 4x 4gb cards I wanted to use to mine ETC( hoping it’s valuation continues to grow).

I am running the following setup:

3x r9 380
1x rx570 4gb
1x rx570 8gb
1x 1660s 6gb

I am currently using lolminer with the flag set for the 2 8gb cards to mine, that works no problem. Using either nbminer or teamred as my secondary miner errors out on me. I am using the flags for the 4gb cards listed.

Am I better off splitting my devices into 2 rigs? I have a second frame with:

1x vega64
1x 5600xt
2x rx580
1x rx570

I am maxed on PSU slots on that rig though so I would need to engineer a power solution.

Thank you in advance!

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