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Mining Ergo

Guys, I really need to ur suggestion. LHR 3060Ti and 3060 are driving me crazy. Could you pls show me ur OC for mining ergo with these cards. I tried too many OC templates on my LHR 3060TI, always 90h/s for sure. Damn it! :worried:

900 2600 110 (or more PL)

ty so much

Hope this helps.
These are original LHR cards on driver 460.39

With your overclock settings, my card went from 103 mhs to 70 mhs. I wonder why 103 stays constant when I don’t overclock?


I do understand your frustration. I own 2 RTX3060ti LHR model, and observed following issue.
1.PL will not work. Only absolute core clock work. I noticed many folks suffer this issue.
2.Some OC setting works on one card, and don’t work on other card. Hash rate start drop after few seconds.

At my environment, card with Samsung memory is making issue. It won’t go more than 116MH.
[Samsung memory :116MH stable]
Core:900 (absolute)
PL:120(can be ignored)

[Hynix memory:132MH stable]
PL:125(can be ignored)

Miner:t-rex 0.21.6

Bottom line is, there is no “optimized OC setting” for every RTX3060ti LHR. This is why I hate LHR model.
I’ll be greatly appreciate if someone provide me better and STABLE OC setting for Samsung memory with absolute clock…

nanominer -600 or -625 core, 2600 mem, 112-120 pl (pl depent for every single card so u will need to see what work fow your, for me is gpu1 pl 112, gpu2 pl 117)
I try everything and absolute clock not work…

Thank you.
About absolute core issue, have you tried to update Nvidia driver?
I had several issues prior to 460.84, and after I update to 465.31, absolute core and PL feature is very stable.

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