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Mining ERGO With Intel ARC GPUs BY Custom Loading SRB Miner

I see SRB Miner has support for mining on Intel Arc GPUs (A750 or A770). It looks like it has support for ERGO also. In the SRB Miner Github page there are custom loading instructions for HiveOS and the proper arguments need to be passed when configuring the miner in HiveOS.

Has anyone tried mining ERGO (Autolykos) with SRB Miner in HiveOS? If so what arguments did you pass to get the miner to work?

I havent, but make sure youre on the latest beta image for intel support

I may try on Windows 11 first with SRBMiner. If I try on HiveOS then it will be booting off a USB stick as a testbed setup. So I should load the latest Intel beta image onto HiveOS? HiveOS is based off Ubuntu and Intel now has Ubuntu drivers for Arc cards. HiveOS doesn’t have a way to load the Intel beta drivers? I will likely have to load the drivers in the shell.

Would it be possible for the HiveOS devs to setup a testbed group of users for Arc cards? Can this be arranged through Discord or some other means?

Latest beta has initial arc support, I believe basic drivers are already there but it’s still pretty limited. I dont have any arcs so i havent messed with it first hand

To test Intel Arc you need latest Beta Image.
But …
Since Intel’s dGPUs have very weak support among mining software and in terms of drivers in Linux, in the current Beta Image iteration we only provide initial support for them. This means that these cards are recognized as devices at the Linux kernel level, but to support them as mining devices you need to install additional OpenCL libraries(*), which increase the size of the distribution by a bit more than 330MB and is hardly necessary at this stage for anyone but enthusiasts.
To install the necessary libraries, run the command in shell: apt install intel-opencl-icd -y

This is relevant only for the current Beta Image and may be changed in future iterations where such operations will be irrelevant.

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Have you tested Arc cards with HiveOS?

So I should use the beta currently at: [[email protected]]

([email protected])

I only see one Beta version. Here is the main link for reference:

So it sounds like the OpenCL libraries are a requirement for mining, is there anything else that is needed? I would imagine there will be better support for Arc once Battlemage releases.

I need to find good thumb drives for testing. I’ve been using the multi colored verbatim thumbs on amazon, $20 for five. They are the only ones I’ve tried that work consistently. Does anyone have recommendations for solid thumb drives? Also what about utilities on Linux or Windows that help fix thumb drives? I have tried a variety of models and most are unstable.

I’ve been successful in getting the Sept 2023 HiveOS Beta installed to a USB stick for testing. I was able to boot from it on the setup that has an Intel Arc A770. I did the below install for the OpenCL libraries:

apt install intel-opencl-icd -y

I’m providing a screenshot below as a reference. It recognizes it as an Intel Gpu but none of the memory is being recognized. Also the version of SRBMiner on HiveOS doesn’t appear to support Intel. Is there a version I have to install manaully? I’ve been running SRBMiner on Win 11 with my Arc A770 without issue for awhile now.

Better support will be with Next Beta Image release and Hive Linux GPU client 0.6-225
But …
Hiveon OS:

  • all libs will be installed if Intel GPU will be detected
  • support will be only on client side (e.g. new intel-info tool like amd-info or nvidia-info) and just what client will report to web UI (BIOS version, VRAM size)

Intel - support this GPUs on Linux is still pain in ass:

  • no reporting and control for temperatures for core & memory
  • no reporting and control for memory clock
  • no voltages control
  • no fans control & reporting.
  • reducing power consumption available only by lowering core clock or power limit but in this case you will lost performance

And all of the above doesn’t contribute to popularity among miner developers :face_holding_back_tears:

Unfortunately support for Windows still better for Intel Arc GPUs. But maybe it will be changed when Intel presents next generation of their dGPU called “BattleImage”

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Is Rebar support needed at the motherboard level for mining with HiveOS and Intel Arc Gpus?

It seems like having a motherboard with Rebar for Arc is the best way forward.

Also I’m on the Intel Arc Discord. Can you provide details on what is needed from Intel that will make mining on Arc more stable? I can look into posting feedback to Intel.

I’m sure Intel’s devs pretty know that their Arc GPUs driver support is very poor.
But you can try and copy this block:

  • no reporting and control for temperatures for core & memory
  • no reporting and control for memory clock
  • no voltages control
  • no fans control & reporting.

thanks for posting the list

I’ll see if I can get a few more people to Remind Intel that they are dropping the ball. Intel has an uphill battle against Nvidia and AMD in the GPU market. The more people that use theirs Gpus the better and we need more choice when it comes to GPUs.

They (Intel developers) have started working on this. So far it is limited to the fact that they actually cloned a part of the code from the i915 module into the new xe module, which is supposed to serve dGPU (Alchemist and upcoming BattleImage) and the latest XE graphics kernels. That’s all for now. We are waiting for any progress by the middle of the year.