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Mining @dress and binance

I read that we can’t use exchange @ for mining and I read the opposite on some configuration items…
Could you give me details?

It’s always recommended to mine to an address that you hold the keys for. As long a ps the exchange doesn’t say not to mine to their addresses in their tos it should work fine though. What coin?

I inquire for ETC with Hiveon pool and address at binance…

The pool doesn’t care where you mine to, that would be a question for binance as long as they support you mining directly then it wouldn’t be any issue. Keep in mind binance has control of your coins so if something were to happen to them any pending coins to that address would be lost. I doubt that anything would happen since binance is one of the biggest exchanges but still worth noting. Not your keys, not your crypto.

ok, merci beaucoup for your answer and all these details

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