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Mining DNX - Dynex with P106-100

I am testing mining DNX on p106-100 cards.
I am getting around 670 H, when I see online and on, they have speed around 1000-1300 per this card.
Do you have any experience?
I tried mining on ETApool and on neuropool, using SRB miner.
I also updated NVIDIA drivers to latest.
Interesting thing, when I mine on neuropool, I have to use --mallob-endpoint (I don’t understand what that is) from etapool, otherwise it is not working.

Any thoughts, settings?


The results you are mentionning are obatined with OneZeroMiner
OneZeroMiner (1.0.3+) almost double the hasrate on Pascal GPUs

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Thank you very much! It’s working now above 1350 h, but I lowered the power.
So now it’s arround 1280 h each card, total 7650 h at 450W power usage from wall socket.
Interesting, no --mallob-endpoint is required.