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Mining Different Coins on Different GPU's

I’m currently running a few 8Gb RX 580s and 4Gb RX 570s and I’m wondering how I can get the RX 580s to mine ETH while the 4Gb RX 570s to mine ERG. I’ve looked through many guides and similar questions on this forum but most of them dealt with CPU/GPU split mining or older software, many of which had unanswered questions or vague instructions in the answers. I’ve managed to set it up so that my rig tries to mine both ETH and ERG using the “second miner” feature but I don’t know how to explicitly list certain cards under ETH and other cards under ERG. Thanks for any help in advance.

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Great question - I’m currently trying to mine RVN with 2x 560 4GB cards and ETC with 1 580 8GB card. Hope someone can help with this question.

here’s what I was able to find on the net regarding this topic of dual mining coins.
(I am celebrating the 4th of July so I will watch these videos later today but maybe they can help you)

Answered already:

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Oh okay I didn’t see it the first time around, thank you!

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