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Mining Config (PHI) with RX560

Hi all

First prblm

I tried to mine FLM (Algo PHI)
It works great with my RX580 (around 15MH/sec)
But with my RX560 i am only at 6MH/sec (instead of 11 or 11.5)
I use this config:
“auto-fan”: false
“worksize”: “128”
“gpu-threads”: “4”
“intensity”: “18.5”

i tried also
“auto-fan”: false
“worksize”: “128”
“gpu-threads”: “4”
“intensity”: “19” or intensity": “20”

and also
“auto-fan”: false
“worksize”: “128”
“gpu-threads”: “2”
“intensity”: “19”

etc etc
always same results : 6MH/sec :((

[i]Second prblm[/i:
And also there is a bug when we mine PHI on HiveOS panel (web) we dont have GPU temperature (it always works with all algo , but not this one)

On the android app , i can see the temperature but not on the web version

Have a good evening and thx for your help


Pleaseeeeeee :(((

I am still mining Phi @ 6Mh/sec per card (RX560) instead of 11 or 12M/sec
I tried so many config , whatever, it is exactly the same hashrate !!

I mine perfect on neoscrypt with thses GPUs so it means they dont have any prblm … it is just a conf. problm

Thx for your help !!

Nobody uses RX560 on algo PHI ? (Luxcoin , FOLM , etc )

I give 10$ in crypto of your choice if you fixe my problm !! Contact me at discord : Qualitylink #6701

Hi @NicoRig can u post your config? for phi algo ? wallet page?

i stopped mining PHI 10 days ago lol i erased my wallet conf

what are you mining now? and why? thanks :hushed:

i was mining FOLM cause i am in the team , now i have FOLM enought
i am mining SAFEcoin cause i really think the project gonna give a loooot of value to this coin (very limited supply of 30M coins)

Looks like FOLM is showing most profitable on whattomine at the moment.
Wondering if more people will jump to this.