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Mining CFX with 3080s

When I’m not mining ETH, I’m mining Conflux (CFX). I’m curious to see what the community is doing as far as OC settings. On my well performing 3080s I’m using 0 Core Clock and heavy Mem Clock. On the cards that have given me trouble I’m using an Absolute Core Clock of 1400 and a conservative Mem clock.

I had the wattage set a bit higher up to 265, I’m using three 850w psus…had random cards shitting the bed sometimes after 5 hours, sometimes after a day and half but I took the values down for the sake of stability.

Share your OC settings and collective wisdom. I’m just not finding much in the way of conversation concerning Conflux mining.

Hello, do you set the temperature and power when you set up CFX?

Hi. You cannot set your temperature per se, that is just an internal thermometer reading in the card. What you can set is the fan setting (out of 100 I leave them at 95). And power yes you do set the PL, power level. For good cards I have it at 260 watts, for lesser cards…less than that you have to play with your cards and see what is stable. Personally I leave lesser cards at 220 and just enjoy the stability but you can go higher than that. I also would not have the mem oc at 2800 anymore, highest i would go is 2400.

Also I see the settings you’re using for eth, you’ll get much better results with these settings: 1060 core clock, 2400 mem. Power level will actually self regulate and should stay between 200-220. You can leave it set at 260, 230 doesn’t matter just have it set above that upper bound of 220.

And when mining cfx leave core at 0

Thank you very much for helping me!!

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