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Mining bitcoin?

Is it worth it to try mining Bitcoin itself with HIVEOS and four GTX 1070 and two GTX 1080 Ti GPUs? I’m currently mining Ethereum classic right now but I’m wondering if it’s better to just mine ETC and exchange that for bitcoin through an exchange?

If it is good to mine BTC with the above rig, what mining pool and miner do you recommend?

BTC - don’t think so with all the ASICs around.

ETH / ETC - go mine Dagger on NiceHash and you will get paid in BTC.

Not quite sure for NVIDIA, but you can definitely find some other algos more profitable… Try X16R, Lyra2Rev2, Lyra2z, mazbe even Equihash

Funny topic at the end of 2018 :joy:
You late aprox. for 5-6 years

You can mine different algos on NiceHash, Zpool, Zergpool or rent rigs at MiningRigRentals service for example and recieve BTC

Doesn’t hurt to ask and try. Thanks again tho!

I think now there is a period of clearing the system of various crypto garbage, as well as the period of the transfer of the crypto into the hands of large players who are ready to wait out 6-12 months while buying up top currencies for pennies from alarmists. By the way, what do you think about buying tron? They say that ultimately, within 12-18 months, bitcoin will begin to break new records in value (when the bulk of the population will have it in short supply).