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Mingzhou rx 580 2048 8gb Overclocking and bios flashing


Hello everyone.
i am making a farm out of mingzhou rx 580 2048 because they are cheap and affordable
but i am struggling to overclock them and when i flash them using PolarisBiosEditor the new flash causes the rig to crash
any one familiar with these GPUS and can share some useful info ?
for more info about the gpu this is aliexpress store that sell them

thanks !

Are you modifying the original bios and flashing that? Or using someone else’s bios?

modifying the original bios .

What memory type?

Elpidia and Samsung

okey . soooo i realized when i apply the same settings into my flashed ASUS they have the same hash

but when i try to apply the same settings on the asus and minzao there is difference on the hash

Are you setting ref values?

how to set ref values ?

You have it set to 20 in your screenshot, if you click the blue info bubble it will tell you the optimal values for each memory type there. You can fine tune after

very hard to over clock these mingzhou RX580 all come factory set on core clock speed 1150mhz But . On MSI I found the best way is set clore clock speed at 1206mhz And max out the rest the core voltage. the power limit, and the memory core The comerial RX 580 base core clock speed is factory set at 1257mhz but the RX580 can be over clocked to 1340mhz But you cant do that with these just try 1206mhz if you get flicker you have to restit bazk to 1159mhz

VDD 800mV with Polaris @ 900 MHz ? thats sounds very optimistic no ? memory may ask more to work correctly