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Miners won't start with 6700xt installed

After installing a 6700xt on my rig, my miners won’t start. Im using Team Red Miner. My other 2 gpus on the rig are a 3070 and 1660S mining with Trex. Neither will mine since installing the 6700xt. Ive already updated the flight sheet to add Team Red Miner for the AMG gpu. I updated HiveOS but the issue continues. Not sure what else I can do. Can someone help please?

On Trex miner flight sheet need to fix in what slots you have Nvidia Gpu’s “0,1” etc

Ive tried that already. One thing that’s confusing though is how HiveOS reads the gpu numbers. My Nvidia gpus display 0 and 1 and then the AMD also is displayed as gpu 0 instead of gpu 2. I think I may have figured it out. I guess AMD drivers don’t update without actually refreshing the drive so I’m gonna try to reinstall hiveos with the most current image.

Its very simple If you have Nvidia card At Gpu 0 and amd at Gpu 0 under the miner its the first card for booth miners … example: Trex for nvidia Gpu 0 is the firtst… and for team red miner The Gpu 0 is amd…Miners look the type of the card and the position…

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