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Miners went offline?

Wondering if there is a way to somehow get some assistance. I have a couple miners that have been running without issues for weeks. All of a sudden last night they went offline, I checked and they are powered on and there isn’t a network issue. Restarted the miners and I see that they registered on HiveOS for a moment but are offline: Status Offline 36mins… not sure what the issue is or what the look into at this point?

I am seeing exactly same here. Everything looks good. Reboot. Miner online, net-test command passed all routable and ping OK. But green graph is blank.

I saw another post that as long as “Hiveon Pool” hashrate, the yellow graph is there, then you are fine. Just an API server error for HiveOS servers.

I’m mining on NiceHash and NiceHash isn’t reporting the miners either. Not sure what the issue is. I’ll have to re-flash the usb drives and see if that does anything. Really odd they have been running for months without a massive failure like this.

Update on this: Determined one of my cisco switches went bad causing the miners to go offline and stay offline.

Para mim está acontecendo a mesma coisa. Parece que o NiceHash continua a minerar, mas quando observo no HiveOS consta que pode estar offline. Muito estranho.

Hey I’m having the same issue. How did you fix the switch? I know virtually nothing about cisco switches.

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