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Miners not running

Hi guys iv been mining around a year but I dont really have any technical knowledge so any help appreciated im running a 12 card rig last night one of my power supplies went off it just controls 6 cards not the main board TB250-BTC PRO BIOSTAR woke top this morning and 6 was running but not mining iv ran the minor log and comes back with 20220915 16:47:04 WARN: Can’t connect to the mining pool, resolve: Host not found (authoritative)
20220915 16:47:04 ERROR: No connection with, retry after 10 seconds
but miners dont start

Is it a joke ?

Are you aware ETH went to PoS ? May be Hive ha snot ended its pool yet, but looks like they did.

You CAN NOT mine ETH anymore, got and choose another one, or sell your stuff :slight_smile:

Hi no I was not aware of this but explains a lot

I thought this was the most important event this week after Elisabeth 2 death

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ye just had a look its been a busy few weeks :smile: whats people moving on too here was me thinking my rig was broke lesson learnt do my research thanks for your help btw :+1:

Check whattomine and see what the top pow coins are for your cards, stuff will fluctuate a lot in the next few days. Popular ones are rvn, ergo, neoxa, kaspa, flux and so on