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Miners keep going offline

Since yesterday afternoon I have my miners go offline for no apparent reason. They do start up again, sometimes after 5 minutes, sometimes after a hour. The rig itself does not shutdown it just shows as offline on hiveos. I have a lot of miners, and it is random which miner goes offline. I tried updating, changing settings, resting routers, shutting them down and starting them up. I have been mining for a long time, before hiveos even existed, and when it came I switched to hiveos. This is the first time I cannot figure out what is happening or how to fix it.

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Today i cant login to my account i get message network error. Am i the only one who get this message?

I am getting both of those experiences too. Stated maintenance at me today

Yes, I also have problems with the hiveos server now.

I cant login too!!!
I think they GOXed us LoL

Anyone else still being kicked, I’ve dropped twice now today.

Same here, got random warnings abt miners went offline, but not really when checking at the pools. Being like this for two days now.
No problem with login tho


one of my miners experienced this almost everyday. its the same miner. the rig itself is not offline. just the mining software seems freeze. when i restart manually, its mining for awhile and the software stop. even when i manually start the miner… it will start for running and quit. the rig will usually go back online on its own after 30 mins to 1 hour.

:uk: Maintenances is over
Due to core router firmware upgrades in major Data Centers, some users have experienced connection issues. By our estimations, 5-10% of the user base was affected by this and experienced frequent offline/online messages. As it currently stands, all connections are once again stable and we see 100% of rigs back online.
To compensate for this inconvenience and show our gratitude for your patience and ongoing loyalty, Hive did not bill users for this past day (August 1st).
We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you all about the different mirror servers.
We have Paris, Amster, Helsinki and Moskow mirrors. The default is a balancer between them. If you experience connectivity issues with our servers, you can select any of these direct mirrors mentioned above.
There is also the net-test utility that can be used to check your connection to these mirrors.

Have a same problems!
Don’t understand how to solve -(

Hey, what’s your problem?

Good day!
Workers status goes offline periodically, but in NiceHash statistic page of NiceHash they are online.

Hey. Were you able to solve the problem? And how if you could.