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Miners automatic miners upgrade does not work

I notived that in latest OS 0.6-217@220511 automatic miners upgrade does not work. For example if you set Gminer 2.92 in the flight sheet and check the miner log you see that is trying to download the latest package from repository but does not install it. The same applies to TRM beta, always stuck during downloading.

Upgrade was successful but miners can’t be downloaded

This is intentional. Any miner in beta has to be manually selected instead of latest version. They will install, just give them time after manual selection.

Yes betas are not selected by default if you set “The latest” in the flight sheet but in my case is a different problem, Gminer is stable and download takes forever if I set new version 2.94 for example because Hive has to download it.

Turned out is a bandwilth limitation in my case, hive repository where miners are stored is super slow (50kb/s)…

It will install eventually, just need to wait for it

Correct but when a new version is out is quite annoying to wait like 30 minutes for a 50Mb download…

We’re working on improving speeds, and I understand your frustration by the current speeds.

If you’re computer/linux savvy you can setup a local file server/repo and point your rigs toward that. If hives servers are slow there’s always a manual alternative.

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