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Minergate - XMR-stak

Anyone know where to place the email for the Minergate account for XMR-Stak or even ccminer? Thanks. On console, it is something like this for ccminer, but don’t know how to map that to the HiveOS GUI wallet.

ccminer -a cryptonight -o stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_EMAIL -p x

XMR-Stak works with MinerGate very well
ccminer in HiveOS at present time doesn’t have fork for Cryptonight v7.

Place e-mail in field %DWAL% and then as usual value %DWAL% in field “Wallet and worker template”

second option
is fill e-mail in filed %EMAIL% and then use it in field “Wallet and worker template” but there you also must write something in filed %EWAL% or %ZWAL% or %DWAL% otherwise config generator fails

Не могли бы скинуть пример рабочего кошелька Minergate - XMR-stak для монеты Monero Original (XMO) ?

Why are you using Minergate?

They are distrusted by the community:

See this Google Search: